Consumer Recommendations

If I introduce you to the following companies by you clicking on one of the logos below, you and/or I receive a bonus:

Get a free giffgaff Sim
UK mobile network owned by and operating on the O2 network.
Spanish mobile network, owned by Telefónica (Movistar network). Excellent coverage. You receive €5 or €10 by using this link.
Forwarding telephone numbers. UK 070 numbers can be forwarded for free to most landlines and mobile around the world.
One of the cheapest VOIP services available.
Peer-to-peer foreign exchange. Particularly good rates for selling EUR/GBP (selling EUR, buying GBP).
Retail foreign exchange at the interbank spot rate. Free transfers to and from bank accounts in GBP, EUR and USD (including via your bank's debit card), and even better a debit card that allows you to spend or make cash withdrawals of your GBP, EUR and USD balances without any fees.
Use this MasterCard to charge transactions to your American Express card at merchants that don't accept Amex. You can even withdraw cash, which is charged to your Amex card as a purchase. Therefore you can earn Amex rewards (points, airmiles, cashback etc) on all your card expenditure and use cash withdrawals to earn additional rewards and reach expenditure targets. You and I both receive £10 if you sign up using this link.
Earn Avios (British Airways airmiles) for everything you spend on the card and also earn a free companion voucher once per year for a free duplicate ticket. There are two versions of the card. One is free of charge and earns 1 Avios per £1 spent and the other has an annual fee and earns 1.5 Avios per £1 spent.
For an annual fee, receive travel insurance for up to 8 friends or family as well as airport lounge access and other travel-related benefits.