I took these photos in October 2002, both in the government-controlled southern part of Cyprus and the Turkish-occupied northern part, including the Turkish-occupied coastal enclave of Kokkina. We walked over the Green Line via the Ledra Palace checkpoint, and had to fill in visa forms issued by the unrecognised "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus". The visa office took exception to my name, Nicholas, which they claimed to be Greek. It is in fact derived from the post-classical Greek personal name Nikolaos, but they let me through anyway.

At the time of our visit, you could be arrested in the government-controlled southern part of Cyprus for entering via Ercan airport in the Turkish-occupied northern part. However, you can now book flights via and other travel sites to Ercan via Turkey and soon possibly on direct flights from other countries such as the United Kingdom. EU citizens who enter Cyprus via Ercan are no longer turned away by the authorities in the government controlled southern part.